The Italian Celebrity Lord Conrad, with 4 Massive International Music Hits is Now THE NEXT BIG STAR

(GuruObserver Editorial):- New York, Nov 2, 2018 ( – The multifaceted artist with a thousand talents is already an international rising star. Lord Conrad began his career, in the world of entertainment, as a model and a dancer. Now, with his music, he is able to further expand his expectations and his creativity. His musical ability as a DJ, composer and songwriter is undeniable and highly appreciated by his audience.

His success and talent are particularly evident in His debut mixtape Touch the Sky which has received more than one and a half million views in his famous official YouTube channel and still growing

Lord Conrad had an unexpected impact

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The track was played worldwide on radio and TV, and the mixtape entered at 5th position on the EMERGING200 world official chart.

“Day After Day” has been receiving favorable reviews from all quarters.

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Lord Conrad, the model turned musician and a multi-talented artist from Italy is rocking the stage again with his new single, ‘Day After Day’ in April 2018 and has continued his international chart-busting streak following on the international success of ‘Touch the Sky’.

The new single by Lord Conrad, multifaceted artist with a thousand talents, is a song that combines Pop and RnB to open the summer season, an evening ballad that envelops the listener and cheers the arrival of the evening.

The artist himself declares:

“I’m excited to introduce you to my new stylish single ‘Day After Day’ this month, I know my fans have been waiting for this for a long time after “Touch The Sky” and I’m happy to finally release my second track.” The new single is very different from the first and gives a different flavor to this version.

Talk about the lonely paths that a lover must cross after a breakup or loss of a partner and the pain of walking without your partner, with only sweet and sour memories to keep you company:

“I hope that my sentimental texts and moving melodies can strike the depths of my listeners”.

“1 Minute” an announced success

With already thousand views and numerous comments coming from all over the world, his Lyrics video with the cover art on youtube has already moved the international press.

Lord shows great passion for love and the pursuit of love. 1 Minute has a heart-tugging rawness that extends to the abandon of the falsetto vocals in the soaring choruses.

This is Lord Conrad perhaps at his most open and sincere and it pays off splendidly. “Fight Till The End” into the electro house scenario

At this point After already releasing 3 major hits, Touch The Sky, Day After Day and 1 Minute, Lord returns with a new Agressive Unexpected Electro House song: Fight Till The End that is immediately recognized as a Lord track for his personality, charisma, and energy.

Lord chose music because it’s a good way to express oneself while encouraging others who listen to the music to embrace the positive messages he’s sending out.

Besides being a famous DJ, music composer, songwriter, Lord Conrad is also modeling, dancing and doing public relations events at clubs throughout Milan, the world fashion capital. It is through those experiences that he said he developed a passion for music to the point that he wanted to show the world his feelings in a way of sending positive messages to the world.

You can find anything about this artist on his official website:

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Lord Conrad
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