St Louis SEO and Web Marketing – LeadValets has launched a new Local Marketing Strategy

(GuruObserver Editorial):- Saint Louis, Oct 9, 2018 ( – LeadValets, a business marketing consultant and SEO Company, has launched a completely innovative marketing strategy for local businesses.,” says Jon Floyd. The innovative marketing package will not only help a company to dominate their local market but also bring cooperation to their whole marketing program.

“We start by digging into a company to understand their culture and to understand how their customers, clients or patients view them. After we are armed with data, we start looking at trends for their niche and company, we start with an analysis of Google, news sources, YouTube, and Bing. Not only looking at search but what is the buyer intent and what does that mean for their online marketing. Further research with the major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, depending on the clients niche, whats trending there, what is innovative, what will the future trends be and how buyers want to search is part of the process. LeadValets then develop a program in which our clients will dominate the search world. There will be no stone unturned, their message will be everywhere. We have tested this program with current clients and the results have been stronger than we initially forecasted.

St Louis SEO and Web Marketing LeadValets has now refined this program and rolling it out for the local business. Clients from coast to coast are eagerly signing up and seeing major shifts in their lead generation, marketing presence, and sales. Becoming the dominant force within their respective area, and their reputation as a leader has made them shine as the super companies we knew they were. Making them the source for the customer needs is important for the local person, the local hero as we like to call them. Our goal is not to have their marketing efforts geared 100% toward a good deal or freebies but offering a valuable service by a person that is the best person for the needed product or service. We go beyond just supplying the leads, we help them to handle the leads differently. It is how you approach a touch-point by your potential customer is to how effective your sales will be. We help them to see really what their customer is looking for and how to prove to them that they are the perfect company for a job. We have seen not only leads skyrocket but also closing percentage jump significantly also. Health, Medical, Consulting, Construction and Remodeling, and Roofing Companies have signed up and were thrilled with results. We service most every niche, though we do only work with one niche per area. It is only fair that we do not work with competing companies and can give full attention to them as the only client in their respective universe.

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We have four legs to the marketing chair and each works to sync with the other. They can stand alone by themselves and are effective, but when combined it is almost an unfair advantage from our client,” Jon Floyd was quoted.

LeadValets is adding more new clients and they are sharing their thoughts. LeadValets has really transformed the way we market online and our lead handling process, our growth is a direct result of Jon and his team efforts. I highly recommend LeadValets, they are the best SEO company I have ever used. These are just two referrals we have.

Sales and Marketing have always been my lifes work, says Jon Floyd. The sales funnel process is vital for the front-end of any business and maximizing its potential is what will drive all other endeavors. Over 33 years of building sales and marketing programs, implementing them and creating growth are what I do.

Our team, resources, and automation tools coupled with real-world experience is what makes our program work. We never rest though, there is a continuous need for improvement and scaling, and we like to stay on top of those. It really is what sets us apart from other companies. We are always ready to help businesses that they believe in achieving tremendous success by connecting them with customers that understand that they want the best and see them as the only choice. LeadValets is always open to offer guidance and answer questions if you would like to have an initial consultation, their information is below.

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